About Us

Who we are


St John’s Church, alongside the school, pub and a few shops, is at the heart of the local community and most of the congregation only have to stroll down a street or two to get to the Sunday service. The congregation includes people with quite different Christian backgrounds as well as those with little experience of church but who come because this is their local church.


We try hard:

– to love God, one another, our neighbours both locally and abroad and ourselves,

– to welcome everyone as a fellow traveller on the road,

– to question and explore our faith and to try to make sense of what it means to be a follower of Jesus through the ups and downs, the joys and struggles, of daily life.


We try to be an outward looking church community, believing that faith calls us to action and to working with God to build his kingdom here on earth, a place of justice, peace and equality where everyone is valued and respected. We seek to be an inclusive church for everyone.


We come together on a Sunday morning to share the sacred bread and wine at a traditional service with a relaxed atmosphere and lots of children.

We have a close relationship with our church school and many links with our local community.


We want our building to be an open, welcoming and inclusive place where all can be involved and find hospitality and we are working hard to repair and upgrade it so the huge space is fit for use for worship and for all the community activities and events that do and could take place in it.

We are a Fairtrade church and we work hard to be environmentally responsible.


The church serves the Spring Grove neighbourhood in south Kingston upon Thames. It forms the Kingston Team with sister churches, All Saints in the centre of Kingston and St John the Baptist, Kingston Vale and is part of the Diocese of Southwark and the wider Anglican Communion.


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