We want to help you keep you children connected with the love of God and the Church while they are at home.

Here are some ideas to make that possible.

Back in Church

We are delighted that Children are now welcome back into Church, we are welcoming them to our All Age Communion Service on the first Sunday of the month. Do get in touch with Emma Lloyd-Williams if your child would like to do a reading or be involved in the service.

Diddy Disciples

Every Sunday (except the first week of the month for our All Age Communion Service) our worship group for babies, toddlers and young children aged 0-6yrs is happening at home on Zoom at 11am. Each session is 20 minutes of song, storytelling and prayer along with lots of ideas of creative activities you can do at home together. All children new to St John’s are very welcome to join the group; to get started we need contact details and signed parental permission and we will send you the weekly link and password. Please contact Emma and Mimi diddyatstjohnskingston@gmail.com

You can also follow Diddy Disciples on Facebook for their daily podcast links.

For the older children (and adults!) they are saying bedtime prayers every night at 7pm.