We are doing all we can at St John’s to support you at this strange time.

As lockdown begins to ease please keep checking here for updates.

Church is now open for public worship and private prayer.

Whilst the Church is open, like all other public spaces, we are still required to maintain social distancing and wear a face covering to stop the spread of COVID-19. When you come to Church you will notice a few changes to the inside of the building.

  • Entry and exit: Where possible we will be using separate doors to enter and leave the church; the doors will be clearly marked. Please be aware that we are also having some external building work done, so the doors we are using may vary, depending on where the contractors are working.
  • Seating: Some of the chairs have been moved to enable social distancing.  If you are attending as a family and would like to sit together there are some plastic chairs at the back of Church to make a “cluster” of chairs, but please be aware of others in Church and be respectful of their need to social distance from your family.
  • Sanitiser: When you enter and exit the Church you will need to use the hand sanitiser provided. There will be cleaning stations at the doors.
  • Toilets: The toilets will be closed.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen will also be closed.
  • Prayer cards and books: All prayer cards and books have been removed to reduce the risk of cross contamination, but you may want to bring your Bible with you to read in Church.
  • Tick and cross: Each seat has a card on it, please only use the seats with a tick card on, when you leave Church please turn the card to the X sign and then other will know not to sit there.

Mark will continue to hold live streaming morning prayer via our Facebook page.

Live Streaming Services

Letter from the Bishop

Bishop Christopher has sent us a pastoral letter