We want to help you keep you children connected with the love of God and the Church while they are at home.

Diddy Disciples (0 – 6 years old)

Every Sunday our worship group for babies, toddlers and young children aged 0-6yrs is in Church at 9.15am

Each session is 20 minutes of song, storytelling and prayer along with lots of ideas of creative activities you can do at home together.

All children new to St John’s are very welcome to join the group.

Or you can just turn up, please arrive at 9am to ensure we can start promptly at 9.15 in order to finish in time for Parish Communion.

Older Children (Year 2 +)

Starting this Sunday 26th September and will be held once a month in the parish communion service at 10:30 am.

We will be following ‘A Joyful Path’ a Christian-based programme, that explores a variety of subjects and although it references the bible in every session it is also inclusive of other faiths.

Please email the team to find out more.


Since their introduction of school meals in 1906, they have always provided children with at least one hot meal each weekday.

Until our schools return, St John’s church will be offering free meals to any child in need. Pre-packed, pre-cooked takeaway and heat at home-cooked food (may contain nuts and other allergens)

If you would like free meals for your child please call 0208 546 9542