Put names to faces and find contact details below…

Rev. Lindiwe Maseko



email The Vicar

Emma Lloyd-Williams

Admin, Church bookings and Children’s Deputy Warden

email Emma

Isobel Robinson

Reader and Charities Team leader

email Isobel

Frances Hazelgrove

Parish Hall bookings


email Frances

Wendy Malseed

Church Warden and Organist

01932 952312.

email Wendy 

Alec MacMillan

PCC Governance Officer

email Alec

Mimi Fagan

PCC Secretary and Diddy Disciples Leader

email Mimi

Emma Peries

Website and Social Media Manager

email Emma

Other Team Members

Treasurer: Tony Hardy

PCC: Mimi Fagan, Frances Hazelgrove, Tony Hardy, Isobel Robinson, Alec Macmillan, Wendy Malseed, Colin Bowes, Andrea Campanale, Kate Lyon, Suzanna Travers and Julie Bishop.

Safeguarding Officers: Pat Askey and Grant Vanstone email the Safeguarding Team

Church and Parish Hall Caretaker: Ray