St John’s First Gig: Richard Hawley

We were delighted to dip St John’s toe in the Banquet Records waters on 3rd June 2019 with the wonderful Richard Hawley; how well the church acoustics carried the singer’s stunning baritone and brilliant acoustic guitar interplay between the man and his fellow guitarist sidekick.

Hawley was promoting the release of his new full length album, Further.

Further marks a departure for Hawley who has, to date, named all his albums after Sheffield icons or landmarks in his home city. For his new work, however, he wanted to capture the intention of moving forwards, but without jettisoning his past… Optimism lies at the heart of an album made largely in Sheffield with co-producers Colin Elliot and Shez Sheridan.

“I really wanted to challenge myself to try to keep things relatively up-tempo and keep the songs to about three minutes long,” says Hawley.

Photos: Ruth Geraghty